• Course Description: Clear Lake High School Special Education program is designed to address the diverse learning needs and modifications of students.  Reading, writing, and vocabulary are emphasized daily for all students. Individual learning needs will be supported, as well as transition services, career education, social skills, life skills, and math.

    Required Materials: Students are responsible daily for having a three ring binder, binder paper, and pens or pencils.  There is no required text for the course.

    Semester Participation Points: Government/Economics, US History, World History, English, Mathematics, Earth Science, and Life Science. Students will receive 100 points per semester of class participation credit in these classes. 5 points will be deducted for every tardy and 10 points will be deducted for every unexcused absence, truancy, or suspension. Points will also be deducted for behaviors as needed.


    3 Strikes Rules

    You can earn up to 3 strikes per day by using foul language, not following the rules, and/or any other behavior that is not classroom appropriate. On the 3rd strike you will call home to your parent. If you get a 4th strike in one day it will result in an office referral.


    Daily Participation points

    5 Points: On time, working on your assignments all period and seeking help when necessary.

    4 Points: Working on your assignments, but missing assignment materials and seeking help when necessary.

    3 Points: Working only a portion of the period with necessary assignment materials.

    2 Points: Minimal time spent working and missing assignment materials

    1 Point: Not working or refusal to work.